To Be The Leading Financial
Company In
The Industry


TEZ's driving philosophy is captured within our logo: from the symbol to the colour. The symbol, consisted of water and arrow, symbolizes the essence of water and a rapid, upward trajectory. Like the water’s flow, we are flexible to curate individualized solutions that would best serve our clients’ respective financing priorities. Further, maroon and black are formidable colours that represent premium services and reliability in delivering them. At TEZ, we see the logo and walk the talk: the logo serves as a daily reminder of our philosophy and TEZ strive to progress alongside our shareholders, clients and people.

TEZ Capital and Finance is supported by several shareholders who have experience in the finance industry and are highly committed to the development and betterment of non-bank financial industry. We aim to offer financial services for potential clients and selected projects.

TEZ will be your financing partner that provides you with fast and smart services.